Ski service

Ski service

With our ski service you will be extremely well looked after on the slopes

Even the best ski or board running surface does not last forever. Ice and stone scratch the bases and blunt the edges. The propensity of the skis or snowboard to race and turn is, as a result, enormously impaired, you will need much more strength and the accident risk increases!

Wax, sharpen, repair or adjust. With the new high-tech machines from Wintersteiger and infrared waxing technology at World Cup level... and MOUNTAIN FRIENDLY! service Starthaus Oberwiesenthal

Our service range

  • Waxing – long-lasting gliding thanks to a World Cup approved infrared waxing technique.

  • Edge tuning – maximum skiing pleasure and the highest level of safety thanks to perfectly prepared edges with a mirror finish.

  • Base repair - a surface like new due to the innovative melting technology.

  • Base service – perfect configurations for optimal gliding in all snow conditions

  • Binding adjustment – greater safety by means of a computerised binding setting.

So that your skis, snowboards and cross-country skis continue just like the first day after many before.

The most up-to-date waxing technology

In World Cup approved – Alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing

The infrared waxing technology also leads, due to its temperature autonomy, to increased wax absorption of the surface. This guarantees your skis the best gliding capability for more kilometres on the slopes.
The waxing process is emission-free and, in conjunction with our biodegradable ski wax, 100% environmentally friendly.

Adjustment of bindings

For your own safety – annual check

Your binding has to open up when it should. We inspect your binding with a computerised binding setting device and set it correctly. An individually set binding, based on your data, is the fundamental requirement for safe skiing pleasure.

Skis, snowboards and cross-country skis

Skis and boards carried to us in the evening are finished the next day. All skis and snowboards, that are delivered to our service departments till 17.00, will be perfectly prepared by 8.30 the next day.